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To link to NetMechanic, add the following code to your Web page:

<a href="">NetMechanic: Power Tools for Your Web Site</a>

Also add the following 1x1 pixel invisible GIF somewhere on the page containing this link to insure that you receive credit for your referrals.

<img src=
"" height=1 width=1>

By sending a cookie, this will allow us to identify new visitors to our site and properly mark these visitors as having been referred by you.

Email and print Referrals

If you would like to provide a text link (such as in a newsletter), you will need to create a "funnel page" that will initially send visitors to a page on your site so that they can receive this cookie. We recommend that you keep this page fairly simple, and may include a "Meta Refresh" to automatically forward visitors to our site. The actual code to accomplish this is as follows:

<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="3; URL=">
<img src=
height=1 width=1>
Click to visit <a href="">NetMechanic!</a>

Note:The NetMechanic Partner Terms place restrictions on to whom you may send email promotions regarding NetMechanic. Please insure that you only send email about our service to recipients of "opt-in" mailing lists or other qualified recipients. Violation of the NetMechanic Terms is grounds for expulsion from the program.

Not sure what to say about us?

Feel free to use any of these examples when creating a link to us:

Improve, Maintain, Promote, Monitor & Accelerate
your site with power tools from NetMechanic
Great web tools are just a click away!
Quick. Easy. Dependable.
Great web tools to make sure your site is performing at its best!

If you have questions or problems setting up this HTML code, please contact us.

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